We Krishigati Private Limited, India based one of the leading organizations in the sector of agritech with innovative solutions for intercultural operations and Avant grade technological solutions for modern and precision farming. We at Krishigati, aim to provide sustainable and value-added products and services to our marginal farmers with pure intent to make their activities and life more easier than existing. We aim to cut down 20-60 % farming expenditure and contributing in doubling the income of marginal farmers, which is also the initiative/goal of Department of Agriculture, GOI. Read More ...

Problem texts

Even a Power tiller and Tractor are available but these are themselves a limitation to carry out intercultural operations in all types the foodgrains crops. We just can't take them in the farm, once the seed has been sowed. Wherein mostly the seed sowing done with respective 11" (eleven-inch) distance between two crops line. Currently Total 125 million hectares farm under producing food-grains crop in India (as per the report published by Directorate of Economics & statistic DAC&FW in 2020).

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    Product name - Sarja raja

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    Cultivation and seed sowing attachment

    Product name - Cultivation and seed sowing attachment

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    Seed & Fertilizer Sowing Attachments

    Product name - Seed & Fertilizer Sowing Attachments

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    Weeding Attachments

    Product name - Weeding Attachments

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    Soil Hilling Attachments

    Product name - Soil Hilling Attachments

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    Pesticide Spraying Attachments

    Product name - Pesticide Spraying Attachments

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    Solution texts

    We provide the solutions to our trusted customers with unique value as follows:

    ✓ Easy & convenient to operate, Time & cost saving with long lasting usability.
    ✓ At a time covers the multiple crop lanes
    ✓ No need for special-purpose machinery for each operation
    ✓ Relief from high expenditure and dependency on labors
    ✓ Contribution in doubling the farmer income
    ✓ First ever in the segment of Axle-less Vehicle for all kind of Intercultural Operations and precision farming.

  • Sukhdeo Jadhav

    An average INR 50,000 to 60,000 per hectare expenditure is required for farming to carry out the only intercultural operation by conventional methods but because of Krishigati's Axle less vehicle I have saved INR 35,000 per hectare/crop.

  • Balasaheb Sonawane

    Mostly in my farm we are taking maize, groundnut, Jawari, or Sorghum Millet. Even we have a power tiller but it's can't possible to take into corps to do the intercultural operations. Krishigati has really Vardan (complete solutions) for us to make it happen with very little effort and more efficiently.

  • Kishor Wakachaure

    I have been practicing intercrop farming for so many years. I was doing it traditionally with the help of laborers. Which cost me a lot. And nowadays Finding labor is a difficult task. This krishigati's machine helps me to solve the problem of labor and increase my profit.

  • Sanju Jadhav

    I have been using tractors, tillers, and other vehicles for farming, But I never had the choice while thinking of Intercultural operations or fertilizing other than doing it manually. But this machine solves that problem and saves me time.

  • Santosh Lingayat

    In the standing foodgrain crop field, fertilizing, pesticide spraying, weeding wherein crop lanes are 9-11 inches was a very tedious job. And sometimes it damages the crop which causes a loss. But this machine can work even in a standing crop very effectively without damaging the crop. This is all in one machine I have ever seen.